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If you are a lover of appetizers (also often referred to as, hors d'oeuvres, small plates, party food, the first course, nibbles, finger food, party food, and canapés (phew!), then you're likely always looking for new tasty appetizer recipes to add to your collection. It's always nice to have some great cookbooks at your fingertips to quickly acess some
appetizers that will perfectly accomodate your party, holiday gathering or other event. When you're ready to start planning your event, what could be more fun and relaxing than sitting down and pouring through the pages of a cookbook that has great recipes and colorful pictures? There are plenty of appetizer cookbooks available that offer so many different types of appetizer recipes made with all types of ingredients from all types of cuisines. Below you will find a selection of some impressive appetizer cookbooks to inspire you and put you in a celebratory mood! If you see a book you'd like to purchase, you can do so by clicking the link in one of the pop-up windows that appears when you hover over an image or text link. If you'd like to browse more cookbooks, simply click any actual image or any text link, and you'll be taken to an Amazon page. Once on the Amazon page, simply type "appetizers" in the search box at the top of the page, then click, "go" and begin browsing! For you Kindle owners, there are plenty of cookbooks available in the Kindle edition as well.

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Amuse-bouche (pronounced, "ah-myuz boosh" and translated means, "mouth amuser") are today what hors d'oeuvres were to America in the 1950s. This appetizer cookbook features a collection of more than 100 amuse-bouche recipes ranging from elegant and sophisticated to fun and casual, with full photos.
Author: Rick Tramonto and Mary Goodbody
Antojitos (Mexican Appetizers)
Antojitos (translated means "snacks," or in this case, "appetizers") includes 75 recipes for Mexican snacks, salsas, and refreshing drinks, along with a few Mexican desserts. Antojitos also includes tips on Mexican cooking and entertaining, along with five suggested menus for themed parties.
Authors: Barbara Sibley, Margaritte Malfy & Mary Goodbody
Appetizer Bible
Appetizer Bible Cookbook
The Appetizer Bible cookbook contains over 150 appetizer recipes, including wraps, dips, dunks, spreads, kabobs, seafood starters, fruit and veggie bites and more. This 256-page appetizer cookbook is filled with tips and tested recipes for some of the most spectacular and simple appetizers ever collected.
Appetizers: Finger Foods and Small Plates
Appetizers: Finger Foods and Small Plates
This book by Stonewall Kitchen (a specialty food shop) features 50 recipes for pre-dinner snacks and cocktail party appetizers. The authors also provide some of their favorite cocktail recipes, ideas for appetizer party menus, serving tips and presentation ideas for family dinners and social gatherings.
Authors: Jonathan King, Jim Stott and Kathy Gunst
Bite by Bite
Bite by Bite
Bite by Bite was written by Peter Callahan, who has been catering for celebrities, politicians, Fortune 500 companies, and New York City socialites for over 20 years. In this book he shares 100 recipes for the home cook, ranging from savory to sweet, comfort food to elegant cuisine, as well as great party tips!
Author: Peter Callahan
Fine Cooking Appetizers
Fine Cooking Appetizers
This recipe collection comes from the Fine Cooking magazine, featuring 200 of its latest appetizer and party food recipes that can be served for any occasion. Each recipe includes tips and techniques and kitchen advice as well as fun cocktails, party menus, and entertaining tips for any holiday or event.
Author: Fine Cooking Magazine
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